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Founding member of avant folk ensemble Kinit Her and the dark futurist chamber pop gems of Wreathes and Circulation of Light, has recently begun issuing works under the nom de guerre Rettir Leinathan. This music is basically indescribable. Hallucinatory sound design covers every second of these creations, carved into the rhythmic structure as well as spilling all over onto the rich melodic content. What amounts to two very adventurous compositions seems to be created out of fusing together a series of motifs, and though the multitude of reference points for the elemental compositions themselves do seem recognizable at times, every nuance of this music is so thoroughly threaded back through itself that it is impossible to say a particular aspect sounds as if it is coming from any one established style or another. Clocking in at a total of twenty minutes, these two pieces are a brief but fascinating glimpse into this most fantastic of interior worlds.


released January 25, 2017



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