Veiled Gallery

by The Second Family Band

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Humming and wheezing through 40+ minutes of electro-acoustic tension and release, with the usual mood swings from good vibes to hysteria, the Second Family Band is the still-raging avatar of our lonely local folkspirit. Second Family Band folks are everyone from the recent University of Wisconsin dropouts to aging remnants of the anarcho/folkish/mage/squatter tradition of Madison, featuring members of Davenport Family, Pan to Scratch, Zodiac Mountain, Drunjus, Hintergedanken, Burial Hex, Jex Thoth, Zola Jesus, Kinit Her, Crystal Dragon, and many other local units. This cassette contains six choice excerpts from two sessions given near the end of summer, 2009. The first session was a huge family gathering at the newly installed Harvest Abbey in Madison. The second session was a beautiful performance by a trio of elders within St Mary's of the Oaks, a 154 year-old Marian altar built on a hilltop in the forest around Indian Lake. If you have heard Second Family before, than you know a little bit of what to expect: loads of percussion, singing, plucking, pounding, tapping, dropping, alien choirs, bass grooves, naked ladies, strange fidelities, chanting, praying, drinking, strumming, smoking, ringing, clapping, bowing, pulsing, losing, forgetting, and finding everything in every type of mood from the sinister to the blissful. Yet, one local cynic described the music on this tape as sounding "too good for Second Family Band". Whatever the case may be, Brave Mysteries is proud to release this document of a momentary glance into the native spirit and biodynamic soundscape of central Wisconsin, in hopes to keep these gentle old family flames burning for yet another season.


released April 7, 2010

Recorded August 2009 at The Harvest House & St. Mary of the Oaks by Clay Ruby & Nathaniel Ritter.

Music Performed By: Endless, Iam Lee Lian, Clay Ruby, Woodman, Shane Verwey, Dave3000, Nico Kain, Nick Johnson, Joel Shanahan, Nathaniel Ritter, Nick Turco.



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